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Our 4 guiding principles:
  1. Maintain the Nation’s control of all phases of on-reserve projects.

  2. Optimize the Nation’s involvement in off-reserve projects.

  3. Encourage Nation-to-Nation collaboration on projects. 

  4. Ensure a culturally safe environment that builds the next generation of leaders through career development initiatives

Hill Plain is 100% owned by Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation (ANSN) in Alberta, Canada.

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Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation no.437 is a group of Indigenous people in northwestern Alberta, Canada. We speak Sioux and live in the Nakoda First Nation reserve with over 1200 members.


Our love runs deep for cultural traditions like drumming and dancing. We also take care of nature by doing things like eco-tourism and protecting land.


Hill Plain is a special place where we gather for important events. It reminds us of our past and gives hope for a good future where young people can do well and continue traditions.



Cultural safety = developing and nurturing a climate where the unique history of Indigenous peoples is recognized and respected in an impartial and safe way without discrimination.

*Defined by the National Collaboration Center for Aboriginal Health

Paha Shna = "Hill Plain"

Paha shna is actually two stoney words put together.

Paha means "hill" and Shna = "plain"

"A long time ago, the land was cleared, the timber and logs were used to make log cabins. Some of the wood was used to make things, some was cut for fire wood because everyone had wood stoves. There was a little town site of log cabins in paha shna, one time."
- Francis Alexis

Hill Plain Construction Services Community Investment Application Form

Note: This is for ANSN members to request funding for community events. Requests can only be made by ANSN members, and need to be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

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