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Hill Plain provides progressive design build services. We offer guidance at every stage of the project lifecycle and take ownership for project outcomes.  From the initial vision to financing, design, construction, and facility operations, the Hill Plain team will assist you at any stage of a project. Our approach to indigenous design build projects is unique. 


All projects start with a vision. It conveys a problem to be solved and a desirable outcome. Hill Plain project leaders are experts at collaborating with you and refining a vision into an actionable plan.  

  • Engagement at the conceptual stage to ensure your vision comes to life. 

  • Select the best engineering & design team for the project. 

  • Ensuring our clients maintain control over the process & development. 

  • Learning and understanding each other’s values. 

  • Developing a participation plan. 

  • Rolling out communication plans. 

  • Implimenting cultural safety. 

Developing a working relationship built on trust and transparency in the early stages of project development greatly improves project outcomes. 



Design management is where we bring your vision to life. Collaboration is key to understanding individual Nation’s unique needs and finding creative solutions. Engaging in design collaboration leads to improved project outcomes.  

  • Design development. 

  • Regulatory approval 

  • Permitting 

  • Maintain reporting requirements to funding sources. 



Hill Plain navigates project funding streams like Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) and Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) to fit your project needs. Our funding reporting complies with all requirements; we pride ourselves on helping our clients successfully respond to challenges from funding organizations. 

Your designated preconstruction manager will leverage our team of grant writers, our networks and past success to successfully fund your project through pre-construction and construction.



Strong project controls are vital for successful project delivery. They include cost management, schedule, and scope change across all project phases.  


Hill Plain’s approach to project controls combines best practices with several unique features. Our forecasting approach integrates risk into our earned value analysis. This ensures our forecasts accurately reflect the future.



Procurement involves a significant amount of preconstruction work between Hill Plain and the Project Lead to ensure a fully integrated project delivery method that is deemed appropriate Indigenous Evaluated Award opportunities and strategies. 

Opportunities defined by the Indigenous Peoples as a priority as it builds on current key capabilities. Hill Plain will identify in cooperation with the project lead, opportunities to train for sustainable management and capacity building. 


Vision, Design, Funding and Procurement are all key steps of the pre-construction process. We continually evaluate the constructability of the project. This includes factors such as location, logistics, desired materials, design challenges, safety considerations, and more. 



At Hill Plain, we budget for in-depth capacity building. This allows for training of personnel to sustain the project’s services. 

  • Training Education & Employment 

  • Scalable Operations 

  • Long-Term Asset Management Plan 

  • Build Transferable Skills 


We view the turnover as the most important event and treat the project as if we are the owner. This leads to lasting partnerships and future opportunities. 



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