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ANSN - Rapid Housing

This project includes 62 homes being built on nation within a 9-month window. Funded through the largest ever CMHC grant. Of these homes, 37 are panelized precast concrete homes and 25 are ready-to-move homes.

The homes will facilitate the return of off-Nation residents, alleviate overcrowding, and provide essential support for single-parent households and women in need.

This project marks a crucial step in community healing and development, addressing a shortage of 200 homes. While not a complete solution, the 62 homes will make a substantial contribution to providing resilient and long-term shelter for community members.

Lubicon Lake Utilities Expansion

Hill Plain is supporting Lubicon Lake Band Ventures (LLBV) with a $100M utility expansion project to develop water and sewer systems within the community of the Lubicon First Nation.

Hill Plain is providing construction management services to increase the operational capacity of LLBV while mitigating the risk to the Nation.

We are developing partnerships with relevant businesses that will lead to sustainable growth and project development opportunities within the community.

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ANSN - Pasa Tibi Village

Pasa Tibi Village is a continuing care and independent living facility that is being built on the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. This will provide facilities to the Elders in the community to ensure they receive the care they need while remaining in the community. This facility will provide community members with independent living and health care facilities that will provide culturally appropriate care that is tailored to their needs. This facility will serve as a hub for community support and provide a range of services and resources that are needed for the Elders of the community.

YTC Administration Building Renovation

Yellowhead Tribal Council (YTC) has partnered with Hill Plain to renovate their administration building. The facility provides professional, financial and office support for members within the Yellowhead Tribal Council. The existing administration building will be renovated to provide improved accessibility routes through the addition of an elevator and a redesign to the existing stair tower.

YTC 3 V1-OPT11_001.png
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ANSN - Nakota Wohna Biti - Cultural Centre and Exhibition Hal

The Cultural Center will provide a place for Nation members and visiting tourists to explore and experience ANSN culture, ANSN history, and ANSN involvement in the history of the province’s development. The Cultural Centre will include a gallery/shop where Nation members’ arts and crafts can be displayed and made available for purchase from local and visiting tourists. Indoor (hockey) ice rink with ~250 seating capacity intended to provide recreational service to the Nation and a potential rent-out service to neighboring communities. The current intent is to build a Green Building (net zero ready), both for minimizing operations costs as well as ensuring the Green building principles harmonize with the Nation’s beliefs.

Northeast Water and Sanitary Line Tie-in Project (NWST)

ANSN owns land adjacent to HWY43. This land is intended to become the future Thomas Potts Business Park, servicing tourist and commercial traffic. Potable water and wastewater service do not currently reach the development. This utilities’ expansion will bring water and wastewater service through the Reserve from the Reserve’s existing potable water and wastewater drainage infrastructure to the Business Park, while also providing service to existing and future residential lots along the route.

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Youth Transition Home

The Youth Transition Home project; Toskamin Awcuyabit, will be built in the heart of the community, to provide a temporary, safe and cultivating environment for youth in need. The facility will have the ability to house 24 youth and children; ranging in age from 5-17 years old, and two dedicated rooms for families or single parents in need of shelter. The Toskamin Awcuyabiti, is a step in the right direction in building a strong, proud, and independent core through its future leaders and members of the community. It will be a vital resource for early prevention, substantive equality and reunification. This facility will help children and families to overcome the challenges they face and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Skwlax Temporary Gas Station Project

August 18th, 2023, Skwlax te Secwepemcúl̓ecw was directly impacted by the Bush Creek East Wildfire that devastated the community by destroying homes, band buildings, infrastructure, cultural sites, and ravaged the surrounding forest. One of the biggest impacts to the community was the loss of the Band owned gas station and commercial building. This building housed a Chevron Gas Station, Chesters Chicken, 4 commercial spaces, and 4 rental units.  Not only was this a primary economic asset to the community, but it also supported community members with their needs including providing a convenience store for local grocery items, as well was the main supplier of fuel for the Bands fleet vehicles.To fill this gap in services to the community and band staff, Hill Plain Construction is assisting SteS with  forming a plan to build a temporary gas station until the permanent station can be rebuilt. It will consist of a 1000 sq/ft modular as a retail space and a new island with 2 pumps. The building will have bathrooms and an office space. The 2 pumps will give customers access to regular, premium and diesel. As per the attached layout the temporary pumps and building will be placed so as not to interfere with demolition of the existing building and construction of the new building. Preliminary planning has started for the rebuild of the permanent station and is expected to be in service by 2025.

2024-03-14 09_43_03-Exterior Rendering Eagle River Hotel Design.pdf and 17 more pages - Wo

Eagle River Casino and Hotel Expansion

Hill Plain is excited to partner in the development of the Eagle River Casino and Hotel Expansion project, a significant venture for the ANSN-owned Eagle River Casino, located on the outskirts of Whitecourt, AB. This 4-story, 48 room expansion is not just a growth strategy but a holistic enhancement of the casino's offerings, promising to elevate visitor experiences through the convenience of on-site accommodations. By broadening its appeal, The hotel addition is expected to attract a larger visitor base, extend guest stays, and offer convenient accommodations for those visiting the casino. Furthermore, this initiative stands to benefit the local economy significantly, generating employment opportunities and fostering tourism in the surrounding area

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